Bermuda Wedding – Why Bermuda?

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Choosing your Destination wedding location – Why Bermuda?

With Destination weddings growing in popularity over the past 10 years, the decision for the wedding couple
on what destination works best and how it fits into their wedding vision is one of the most monumental decisions.

Come with me and visit – Why Bermuda?


Bermuda is a wonderful chic and sophisticated British island off the coast of the US!
With charming customs, Bermuda hospitality, amazing gorgeous scenic venues, unique and luxurious hotels and ease of getting around the island, both wedding couple and their guests will feel right at home here from the moment they arrive!

Getting there and logistics!
It is just a short plane ride, less than 2 hours, from many east coast airport gateways. This makes it the perfect for destination weddings particularly for the East coast brides!

2 hours flight

Pink sand!!!
That is all we need to say! It is gorgeous and a perfect color to set as a back drop for your beach wedding! That and the amazing turquoise waters!


Picturesque and unique venues!
There is a wonderful diversity in hotel properties, event venues, historic settings, nature locations, on the water options and secluded beaches and coves!
Your wedding will be as unique and creative as you can imagine! Dream of a wedding on the beach and have it be intimately secluded! Stand on a majestic cliff with only the sky and water as your back drop, immerse in the romanticism of the ruins of the Unfinished Church even stand atop a fabulous yacht and your photos will capture an elegance unparalleled!!!


Easy of legal paperwork!
You need only prepare the legal paperwork for the Marriage Registrar within 3 months of your wedding date. You can arrive on island anytime up to the day of your wedding if you wish, you do not need any immunizations and your marriage is fully recognized in the US without any additional paperwork required!


Expert wedding planning!
The expertise and professionalism of the wedding planners on island will make planning your wedding as stress free and easy as you can dream it to be! A wedding can be daunting trying to plan locally with decisions and attention to detail. When planning a destination wedding you can leave all the details to the professionals as they work their magic for your special day! Florists as well will create amazing bouquets, maybe to pretty to throw but gorgeous to bring home as keepsake!

bermuda florists - pe1c007

World Class dining!
Bermuda holds a place in the world class dining scene that parallels culinary excellence! Your guests will be wowed with the dining they will be treated to when you create your specialized menu for your special day! Throughout the time you and your guests are on this perfect island, you will enjoy local cuisine as well as so many dining options to choose from.

Mickeys seafood

Bermuda has some amazing entertainers just waiting for you to kick up your heels to! Enjoy everything from the soft and melodious sounds of a steel pan band, to unique and beautiful sounding singers to local bands and state of the art DJ’s!



Photo ops – unbelievably gorgeous!
Imagine when you have returned home after a fews months of “back to reality” and you pull out your wedding images. You will immediately be transported back to the memories as you gaze at the incredible scenery that surrounded your magical experiences!!! Oh and photographers on Bermuda! They as well have artistic abilities that will have you marveling at the captures of your special day!


Celebration time!
Savor in the moments that you will experience throughout your destination wedding stay on Bermuda! With so much to do and see and with beaches galore to frolic on, mopeds waiting to take you where you can only dream to explore and sites that will only add to the fun, you will have more than just wedding memories on this very picturesque and friendly island! The celebration continues throughout the island wherever you go there is fun to be had – daytime into the evening hours!
Bermuda has it all!


Bermuda will be your place of wonder in the beauty it shares, the excitement it beckons and the relaxation it allows. Bermuda will be your place of memories in the love you will experience, the enjoyment you will realize and the happiness you will feel so deep in your soul as you celebrate the most momentous time of your life!


Why Bermuda??? It is so much more – so very much more!


Contact Luxury Destination Travel – the quitensential Bermuda Destination Wedding Planning experts at your service!

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