Wedding they work for you?

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A package (noun) by definition…….A bundle of something Something conceived of as a compact unit having particular characteristics A group, combination or series of related parts or elements to be accepted or rejected as a single unit To combine the various elements for sale as a unit So how does the package relate when looking at weddings and travel? What constitutes the wedding package? What is included in the travel package? Does a destination wedding package work for you?

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Why Granite Ridge?

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Image by Kivalo Photography

When you’re thinking about planning the perfect rustic outdoor wedding, look no further! Set within some of the most beautiful forest areas in America, Granite Ridge is the perfect place to celebrate your special occasion! Located in the charming town of Norway Maine, it is a hidden gem!   Granite Ridge Estate & Barn was recently ranked among the top 10 Buzziest and Hottest new wedding spots for 2016, in Bride’s Magazine February/March issue that also featured the top 50 venues! What an honor!

Granite Ridge Estate offers wonderful amenities for you and your guests. The Estate Lodge is a rustic and private haven that comfortably sleeps 15 people. With the lodge comes an outdoor hot tub, a commercial grade stainless kitchen, cathedral ceilings and a large granite fireplace. The amazing large windows  give guests an unrivaled, panoramic view of the mountain and the Estate’s 128 private acres. It’s the perfect place for family and friends to gather during your wedding weekend!… Read More

Why St Lucia?

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Why St Lucia is a perfect destination wedding location!

Simple – The license process for St Lucia is easy and uncomplicated! Apply for a same day license immediately upon arrival or have your wedding planner to organize it for you! All inclusive – St Lucia offers so many different choices in hotels as well as dining plans! If your thoughts are for an All Inclusive, St Lucia has some of the very best and they offer wedding inclusive plans that can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like! Indulge – in world class dining with a creole heritage! Your wedding dining experience will encompass the fresh island produce, the local fish fresh from the waters and the brilliance of chefs with dynamic culinary distinction! Notice – the long list of distinctions that St Lucia is proud to be recognized for, Top 10 island in Caribbean, Leading Honeymoon Destination, Sexiest Romance destination in the Caribbean, and Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best #1 leading luxury resort in the caribbean is on St Lucia, Jade Mountain! Tranquil – Dive or snorkel the waters of St Lucia and with a feeling of tranquility that the natural reefs and captivating sea life will romance your senses!… Read More

Welcome to Luxury Destination Travel!

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Jump on in and take a look!!!! Our new site, new brand and new look is so exciting!

  • Check out the interactive maps on the Home page! More will be added!
  • The Contact page now has options for you to select what you would like info on!
  • The Gallery page will have you mesmerized by the beautiful images and fun videos!
  • Familiarize yourself with Linda on the About page!
  • Wondering what services Luxury Destination Travel offers? Check out the Services page!
  • Soon to launch our Bermuda Travel page – stay tuned!
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A dream of a Bermuda wedding!

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Dreaming of a destination wedding to a fun place with closest family and friends. Want to travel but not to far? Bermuda, less than 2 hours flight from most east coast gateways is the perfect choice! Bermuda Travel guides you on all of the elements of a Bermuda destination wedding! Celebrate your special day on a pink sand beach surrounded by the gorgeous azure sea! Let the unique culture and warm hospitality of this special island be your place to begin your lifetime of memories!

Imagine a setting – so picturesque and beautiful!

Envision arriving at your ceremony in a horse drawn carriage fit for the Princess you are!

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Visit the West End! Snorkel Park Beach, Calico Jack’s, Frog & Onion Pub and so much more!

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There are so many fun and different activities for Bermuda visitors to enjoy! Each area of the island represents a culture in and of it’s own as well as a flair and vibe so different even on this small cluster of the island of Bermuda!

When visiting Bermuda, one destination within the destination to visit is certainly The West End formally know as The Royal Naval Dockyard. Getting there is fun, easy in a variation of ways! Hop a moped and create your own island tour, enjoy the relaxing services and local expertise of an official Bermuda tour guide, enjoy a ride on one of Bermuda’s charming and iconic pink buses where you will meet local islanders including the very well behaved school children and not to be forgotten, take in the ocean breezes and sights from the water on the high speed ferry, Sea Express from Hamilton or St George’s to Dockyard! The sights are amazing which ever you choose!

When you arrive at Dockyard there is so much to do and see! Check out these fun and varied suggestions, including some ofLuxury Destination Travel’s tried and true favorites!!

  • Freeport Seafood – where the locals dine on amazing fresh fish sandwiches!
  • The Frog & Onion Pub – traditional pub style food, pub style setting, have a local brew, a proper english pint in a really cool restaurant in the historic Cooperage.

  • The Dockyard Pastry Shop – Stop by for authentic afternoon tea with fresh scones, clotted cream and marmalade. Yummy pastries, sandwiches and even coffee and cappuccino
  • Enjoy shopping at The Clocktower Mall and as well the many local crafts people throughout the area!
  • Visit Dockyard Glassworks, Bermuda’s own glass blowing factory with actual artists working their glass masterpieces – take home a memory that you watched being made!
  • The Bermuda Rum Cake Company – YUM! They have samples!!!!
  • The world’s finest mini golf is now on Bermuda! 1 acre of challenging holes that represent the finest golf courses in USA, Scotland and Bermuda!
  • The National Museum of Bermuda is a walk through history unparalleled! A must do and see and the views are amazing from the Commissioners House!
  • Snorkel Park Beach – where fun meets the sun meets every water activity imaginable!
  • Calico Jack’s Floating Bar is the newest addition and oh so much fun! Pure pirate glory, upbeat fun, friendly and colorful staff and an unlimited supply of rum! Who knows you may even see Capt Jack Sparrow there!

  • Destiny Water tours – Glass bottom boat tours taken to a whole new level – see the sea life below, the homes of the rich and famous above and at night the stars in the sky!
  • Dolphin Quest!!!! Yes you can swim with the dolphins at Dockyard as well! Be sure to make a reservation – the warm and friendly mammals are waiting for you!

These are but a few suggestions but as you can see, The Royal Naval Dockyard is a destination to visit when in Bermuda! Do keep in mind that this is also Bermuda’s cruise port. King’s Wharf is where the cruise ships come in so lots of activity happening there!… Read More

Bermuda – Refresh friendships and relax!

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On a recent trip to Bermuda and a fabulous stay at The Reefs we met up with friends that we had not seen in 5 years! What a fabulous way to reconnect with friends and refresh friendships!

Our first stop on arrival at The Reefs was to meet up with our friends at Coconuts, the amazing restaurant right on the beach! A toast to friendship was certainly in order.



During the amazing relaxing stay we enjoyed the gorgeous beach and grounds at The Reefs.… Read More

Bermuda Wedding – Why Bermuda?

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Luxury Destination Travel is honored to have this post featured on Tropical Vows as a feature story Please visit Tropical Vows  for lots of great destination wedding info and ideas!

Choosing your Destination wedding location – Why Bermuda?

With Destination weddings growing in popularity over the past 10 years, the decision for the wedding couple on what destination works best and how it fits into their wedding vision is one of the most monumental decisions.

Come with me and visit – Why Bermuda?

Bermuda is a wonderful chic and sophisticated British island off the coast of the US! With charming customs, Bermuda hospitality, amazing gorgeous scenic venues, unique and luxurious hotels and ease of getting around the island, both wedding couple and their guests will feel right at home here from the moment they arrive!

Getting there and logistics! It is just a short plane ride, less than 2 hours, from many east coast airport gateways. This makes it the perfect for destination weddings particularly for the East coast brides!

Pink sand!!! That is all we need to say! It is gorgeous and a perfect color to set as a back drop for your beach wedding! That and the amazing turquoise waters!

Picturesque and unique venues! There is a wonderful diversity in hotel properties, event venues, historic settings, nature locations, on the water options and secluded beaches and coves! Your wedding will be as unique and creative as you can imagine! Dream of a wedding on the beach and have it be intimately secluded! Stand on a majestic cliff with only the sky and water as your back drop, immerse in the romanticism of the ruins of the Unfinished Church even stand atop a fabulous yacht and your photos will capture an elegance unparalleled!!!

Easy of legal paperwork! You need only prepare the legal paperwork for the Marriage Registrar within 3 months of your wedding date. You can arrive on island anytime up to the day of your wedding if you wish, you do not need any immunizations and your marriage is fully recognized in the US without any additional paperwork required!

Expert wedding planning! The expertise and professionalism of the wedding planners on island will make planning your wedding as stress free and easy as you can dream it to be! A wedding can be daunting trying to plan locally with decisions and attention to detail. When planning a destination wedding you can leave all the details to the professionals as they work their magic for your special day! Florists as well will create amazing bouquets, maybe to pretty to throw but gorgeous to bring home as keepsake!

World Class dining! Bermuda holds a place in the world class dining scene that parallels culinary excellence! Your guests will be wowed with the dining they will be treated to when you create your specialized menu for your special day! Throughout the time you and your guests are on this perfect island, you will enjoy local cuisine as well as so many dining options to choose from.

Entertainment Bermuda has some amazing entertainers just waiting for you to kick up your heels to! Enjoy everything from the soft and melodious sounds of a steel pan band, to unique and beautiful sounding singers to local bands and state of the art DJ’s!

Photo ops – unbelievably gorgeous! Imagine when you have returned home after a fews months of “back to reality” and you pull out your wedding images. You will immediately be transported back to the memories as you gaze at the incredible scenery that surrounded your magical experiences!!! Oh and photographers on Bermuda! They as well have artistic abilities that will have you marveling at the captures of your special day!

Celebration time! Savor in the moments that you will experience throughout your destination wedding stay on Bermuda! With so much to do and see and with beaches galore to frolic on, mopeds waiting to take you where you can only dream to explore and sites that will only add to the fun, you will have more than just wedding memories on this very picturesque and friendly island! The celebration continues throughout the island wherever you go there is fun to be had – daytime into the evening hours! Bermuda has it all!

Bermuda will be your place of wonder in the beauty it shares, the excitement it beckons and the relaxation it allows. Bermuda will be your place of memories in the love you will experience, the enjoyment you will realize and the happiness you will feel so deep in your soul as you celebrate the most momentous time of your life!

Why Bermuda??? It is so much more – so very much more!

Contact Luxury Destination Travel – the quitensential Bermuda Destination Wedding Planning experts at your service!

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A live chat about Luxury Destination Travel!

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Well I finally did it, I made a video speaking about what it is Luxury Destination Travel does (so well) and why Bermuda is wonderful for your destination wedding! I hope that you enjoy the video and hearing me tell you all about what I am so passionate about! Luxury Destination Travel is a business created from love as a result of my daughter’s wedding 12 years ago on the beautiful island of Bermuda!

When you love what you do and do what you love, it is easy to speak about it, share it and also be passionate about your niche creation!

I hope you enjoy!





 … Read More

Travel insurance – Yay or Nay?

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Many argue, “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel”  Like any insurance, it sits quietly behind the scenes and possibly, if you are really really lucky, not ever needed! But oh on that occasion when it is needed, it is worth it’s weight in gold and then some!

Flight cancellations or delays – what do you do? Weather occurs at your destination and you can’t get home, how do you handle the cost and extra stay arrangements? Luggage gets lost, oh no, what now? A family member gets sick or sadly passes on and you have to cancel your fully non refundable trip last minute, can you afford the loss? You are in a foreign destination and you or a loved one gets ill, the medical bils can be exorbitant!.

Traveling on business or to a seminar? Many travel policies cover those costs as well! Seminars are expensive and most times are non refundable as is the hotel! Don’t forget the travel insurance for these trips as well!

These are all situations we would rather not consider and hopefully won’t have to, but the truth is that LIFE HAPPENS! and when it does, if it happens to you, having travel insurance that is just a fraction of the cost of your trip can mean the world of difference between these situations stealing all of your hard earned vacation travel money or the confidence and security of that travel policy in your pocket to reach out to when the need arises!

Travel insurance companies can vary in their coverages so be sure to check on what is covered when you purchase a policy.

Here are some points to consider

  • Do not over insure! Calculate the cost of the trip only based on the non refundable elements! If you are staying at a hotel for 7 nights but a trip cancelled results in just a 2 night penalty, then that is all you insure for!
  • Many insurance policies have a pre-existing medical coverage leeway period, typically 14 days from trip purchase. Always be within this leeway period with your insurance purchase.
  • Don’t think you can wait until something happens and then get travel insurance – not happening!
  • Look at all the policies offered and consider what works best for your travel plans.
  • Ask questions – don’t understand the policy coverage? Call the company and ask as many questions as you can! Write down “what If” scenarios and get the knowledge of what the policy will do for you! This is a great point in realizing how important the insurance is for you!
  • Pack the policy page and have it on hand with your travel documents! Did you know if a flight is delayed or cancelled and you are stranded at an airport or destination you may have  coverage for meals and other expenses to get you through the delay?
  • Use the 24/7 service! Never hesitate to call the service provided with any questions or concerns when traveling! Some travel insurance policies even have concierge services! But know that if that unexpected situation happens, you have a friend ready to help just a phone call away!
  • Choosing a suitable policy = peace of mind, avoidance of exorbitant medical bills in the case of illness and overall well being even in a situation that was unexpected and seems daunting!
  • Important inclusions in your policy:
    • Trip cancellation
    • Travel delay
    • Airline and end supplier insolvency
    • Personal liability
    • Car rental (if you plan to rent a car)
    • Cancel for any reason – an optional coverage available
    • Cancel for work related reason – an optional coverage available
  • Making a claim – If you need to make a claim, know that you will need all receipts, invoices and data to back up the claim, so keep everything when traveling. Insurance companies process your claim in a very fair timely manner which will go even quicker when you have all your documentation first time around!
  • Finally – to ensure that you get the very best insurance coverage, services and accuracy, consider working with a travel professional for your travel plans as well as your travel insurance. Travel professionals have researched and will work with the best company for your benefit. As well your travel professional will be of assistance should you need to place a claim.

It is an unfortunate discussion to have. We all dream for our vacations to go smoothly, no delays, cancellations, hiccups, disappearance of luggage etc, but think of how happy you will be should any of this happen and you are covered.

When you get home from your vacation and realize that policy was money well spent regardless of whether you needed it or not – it will be a good feeling!

Travel safe – travel smart – travel with peace of mind = Travel insured!

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